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TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Interactive School Desk

Transforming Education Worldwide

Enhances traditional teaching, reduces manual assessment, encourages collaboration and supports multi-user interaction within the classroom.

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Collision, Las Vegas - 2015

Shortlisted - Tech Start-up of Year

The top 60 startups from around the world got to present in front of distinguished investor panels, influential media, and thousands of attendees. Tip Tap Tap was the winner of a public vote by attendees and others as the best start up!

Tech Excellence Awards - 2015

Shortlisted - Tech Start-up of Year

The Tech Startup of the Year award recognises the most promising new technology business in Ireland.


TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Multi-User Interaction

Our interactive school desks behave as a multi-touch, multi-user interface.

It allows all students to interact simultaneously across the classroom, providing support for a more collaborative & participatory learning experience.

TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Print Media & Tangibles

TIP tap tap also works with print based materials and tangible objects.

For example: books can be placed on the table where touch events, tracing and gesture patterns can be tracked through a printed book.

Digital copies of the students’ work can be stored and reviewed through their online profile.

TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Real-Time Feedback

Using our cloud-based platform, teachers can visualize in real-time the data generated by the students, therefore facilitating early intervention to support student learning.

Real-time feedback is also provided to the student through an LED feedback display on the desk. Students are provided with visual cues, therefore reinforcing a more positive learning experience.

TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Learning Content

TIP tap tap is combined with a suite of web-based learning applications.

The teacher can source, upload and control the delivery of quality and validated educational content from their own tablet, laptop or desktop.

TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Student Assessment

All student interactions are logged and automatically integrated with our assessment tools.

This data is accessible by teachers, parents & educational stakeholders through our customized learning platform.

TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Device Agnostic

TIP tap tap desk and web based software applications can seamlessly connect with the schools exisitng ICT infrastructure.

This allows each student in the classroom to interact with the learning content displayed on any presentation system (TV, Projector, Interactive whiteboard).

Who We Are?

Stephen Collins - TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Stephen Collins

Chief Executive Officer

Father of 6 and Ed-Tech Enthuasiast.

Juan Martinez - TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Juan Martinez

Chief Technology Officer

Hardware Engineer & Ed-Tech Innovator

Kevin O'Mahony - TIP tap tap - Interactive School Desk

Kevin O'Mahony

Chief Design Officer

UI/UX & E-Learning Expert

About Us

‘Tip tap tap’ technology enhances traditional teaching and assessment methods, using school desks as an interactive touch-sensing interface to the existing ICT infrastructure within the classroom. The classroom remains physically unchanged but is changed utterly in terms of new pedagogical and interaction affordances.

Tip Tap Tap enables students to play, to experiment, to learn actively through gesture and touch interaction, leveraging their kinaesthetic intelligence to improve understanding and encourage deep engaged learning.

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